lol thanks


hi, i just can't find out how you have to go to your manips, please help me!! :) x

sure! i have all my manips and manips other people have made here:

hope it helps :) my manips suck though, they are a shame but i’m too lazy to delete them so please just skip them omg

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¿como haces para poner los tags ?

tienes que ponerlos en cada post que publicas o reblogueas, digamos este por ejemplo:

tiene todos esos tags que ves abajo (selena, jelena, justin bieber, events, kca), y así tienes que ponérselos a cada post que quieras que aparezca en tus tags, entonces cuando ya le pusiste tags a tus posts, si quieres hacer una lista como la que yo tengo entonces te vas a tu blog (el blog, no el dash) y le das a “personalizar” y hasta abajo te va a salir una parte que dice “páginas”, le das ahí y a “añadis una nueva página”, te va a salir un cuadro más donde tienes que poner la dirección de la página, en la mía yo tengo, el nombre de la página (el título de lo que va a salir en el post) y abajo ya editas todo lo que quieras, le das a guardar y ya :) si quieres poner esa página en tus links, justo como lo hice yo, entonces ya en la parte del links (si tu tema te lo permite) pones la dirección de la página que pusiste, espero haberte ayudado! :)

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selena is a prper bitich


i just love your tumblr and your manips! Hehe :) And i wondering. Have you download photoshop somwhere for free? in that case, where? :) and then i wonder if you could do a good zaylena manip to me? :) please

My manips suck haha I just make them for fun to be honest, I can’t make good manips :(

And I do anon, I got photoshop a long time ago but I don’t remember where I downloaded it :( I think it was megaupload but because of sopa the site doesn’t exist anymore, but I think you still can download it from other sites, I don’t know where but if you search “photoshop full” on Google you’ll have some results, all the versions are good so I hope it helps :)

Here is the manip by the way, but this one is the worst manip I’ve made so I’m glad none of you know my face cause it makes me feel ashamed of myself LOL but there you go:

it sucks, I know, but I’m busy and I did it as fast as I could. Hope you like it anyway :) Bye anon!

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Haha. I Selenator and Jonatic. And i still support Nelena too. They're perfect, omg hahahahaha. But, i LOVE Jelena too.

I know, Nick and Selena were cute but Jelena is perfect lkgjsdlkfsd :’)

Where are you from anon? Do you have a tumblr? :) x

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I love Demi & I love Niall. But, I still support Jemi =[

aw I know, I loved Jemi so much :’( They were perfect for each other, I love them together omfg feelings ljfslgjñdfsñ

But I loved Nelena too, I used to hate Jelena because of Nelena to be honest, but now I love Jelena, they’re perfect :’)

So I guess it’ll be the same with Jemi/Diall if Diall turns real someday. Are you a lovatic or something? :) x

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Do you support Diall?

I love Demi and I love Niall, but there’s nothing to support at the moment, they haven’t said that they are together so it’s all just rumors haha

But if they do get to be together then I’ll support them 100% they’re cute :) I just hope people don’t hate on Demi cause we know it happens a lot in this fandom. What about you anon? <3

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oh FUCK.. did someone post your pics on tumblrafterhours(.)com

lol shut up :)

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what happened with pumpkin sweet cheeks?

This bitch said she had “larry proof” on a picture where they were kissing, she uploaded the picture (here) and she said she would upload a video “later” but she didn’t, then she made a text post saying “OOOPS” and then deleted her blog, everything was a fuckin’ lie and to be honest I don’t see why people do this, like what the fuck? Larry is NOT a fuckin game you know, larry shippers REALLY believe in Larry, we love Larry just as much as Elounor shippers or Idk who shippers believe in their ship, and us Larry shippers have been through a lot of shit lately, with Louis calling us “fake” fans because we don’t like his “girlfriend”, with people saying “OMG I HAVE LARRY PROOF” and then inventing stories like “MANAGEMENT DON’T WANT ME TO SHOW IT” or “People have confirmed to me that Eleanor is a beard and Larry is 100% real xoxoxox carrotssss and curlsss” and sutff, but WHY? It’s enough to see Louis with Eleanor all the fuckin time, why would you waste your time taking our hopes up to say “it was a lie” or “ooops” after all? We don’t go there telling Elounor shippers that their ship is irrelevant, why would you do it to us? Us Larry shippers take shit all the time and I’m really pissed, I hate this fandom so much, you don’t even know, I’m here ONLY for the boys cause I really hate everyone right now, I can’t even begin to describe my hate for this fandom, you’re all immature twats, respect each other and stop messing with our feelings, that’s why even the boys hate us, and don’t say they don’t cause I’m sure they do.

Sorry anon, I’m mad and I didn’t mean to insult you or something but I needed to get this off my chest.